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Caps askew

Have you seen the teen who runs around with his ball cap askew? The bill is perfectly flat. It’s in the two o’clock position. Why not point the bill straight ahead? It would give equal shade to both eyes. If the sun were at two o’clock, it would make sense to point the cap that […]

Police Officers need text messaging, too

Some police departments encourage the teens to send in anonymous tips through text message. “If somebody hears Johnny is going to bring a gun to school, hopefully they’ll text that in,” said Sgt. Brian Bernardi of the Louisville, Ky., Metro Police Department, which rolled out its text-message tip line in June. Sgt. Bernardi went on […]

A message for News Corp

Dear News Corp, I know it’s in your interest to keep everyone stupid as shit, but do I really need to click 15 times to post a blog or do anything of significance on MySpace?  The economy must really be hurting our boy Rupert Murdoch right now, otherwise you’d think he’d freshen this turd up. […]

Those Worrisome Teens

There’s a new study out on teens. I’m as shocked as you are to find out that teens socialize outside the Internet (bold mine). Nearly 40 percent of teens say they talk to friends on a traditional wired phone every day, and 35 percent say they do so on cell phones, the Pew Internet and […]

What are the teens up to this time?

Check out those silly teens. More than four in 10 teens, or 43 percent, who instant message use it for things they wouldn’t say in person, according to an Associated Press-AOL poll released Thursday. Twenty-two percent use IMs to ask people out on dates or accept them, and 13 percent use them to break up. […]