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October Advisory

October Advisory: Beware Fall Colors (41 seconds mp3) Download (320.6KB)

Debate Watch Tips 2012

Tips for how to watch a debate. (27 seconds mp3) Download (184.7KB)

Romney’s Got A Three-Punch Plan

Romney’s Got A Three Punch Plan (2:37 mp3) Download (2.4MB)

Three-hole punch a woman

Man on the street: Bindergate (2:51 mp3) Download (1.3MB)

Christopher Columbus Advisory

Christopher Columbus Advisory (34-second mp3) Download (270.8KB)

Sesame Street Woes Aggravate Carbuncle

Sesame Street Woes Aggravate Carbuncle (91 second mp3) Download (714.3KB)

Medium Bird speaks out

BigBirdGate 2012: An Interview with Medium Bird. 95 seconds. Download (749.0KB)

How to watch the Chiefs

How to watch the Chiefs (23 seconds) Download (180.4KB)

Three Vladimirs go to Mars, I think

Vladimir Putins’ trips to Mars (1:22 mp3) Download (1.3MB)


IKEA is coming to Kansas City in 2014, and the metro couldn’t be happier. IKEA is coming (49 sec mp3) Download (781.6KB)

Bacon shortage business boom at Porky Expresso

After a five year break, I’m back on the radio. Afternoons 3-7 on K-Jo 105.5 in St. Joe. Anyway, how about a show clip? Woo. Rumors swirled about Bacon Shortage of 2013. It’s hoaxish, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have mass hysteria. Stooks Reporter Steve Schnell caught up with Hanna Illbean from the Porky […]

Stooks’ Last Show

(36:18 podcast) Last Show Thank you so much to everyone who called in to make my last day special. I’m so lucky to have had this job. Take care, and stay in touch.

Britney fights Paris for headlines

(12:55) Scoop podcast Kevin Federline’s holding up his divorce with Britney until she can prove she can handle joint custody. She got the roach a little saturated last time. TMZ says Britney gave her mom a legal notice to stay away from her kids if she’s on medication that could impair her abilities to be […]

Half hour with the High Lady

(27:35) Well, the High Lady called today. Apparently, she missed the news that tomorrow’s my last show. The first five minutes were on the air, the other 22 minutes are web only. It’s a long conversation, but any fan of the High Lady should partake. Tomorrow’s going to be tough.

Most over hyped?

(5:42 podcast) Is the iPhone the most over hyped product of all time? We covered Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch Kids, condoms… Plus, the John Stossel Pick of the Week sneaks in. The perfect stamp to send to red-head-aphobics.

Paris on Larry King

(4:39) Scoop podcast Paris Hilton sat down with Larry King last night, and came off quite nicely. Larry King, on the other hand, came off quite creepy old manish. Paris has landed herself on the cover of People magazine. It was a tossup between her and Rosie, so they went with the choice that would […]

Life as a Soldier

(26:50 podcast) Our military listeners helped us create a Life as a Soldier Show today. Thanks to everyone who called in with their stories. Even the High Lady was able to wedge herself into the end of our discussion.

Should you buy an iPhone?

(3:56 podcast) Wow, I knew a lot of people would want one, but the iPhone hype is getting to be a little much . “With this little device, I take ownership of your soul. Phenomenal.” The decision on getting the iPhone is a little easier for our listeners in Manhattan, Junction City and Salina, as […]

Chris Benoit

Did a wrestling storyline drive Chris Benoit over the edge? (4:06) One of our listeners thinks so. Another is pissed that I let a wrestling secret slip on the air.

Is Stooks qualified for anything?

What should Stooks do with himself? (8:26) Seeing how our audience knows me pretty well, we thought we’d open up the phones for a bit and see what they thought. Verdict: I’m screwed. Stooks as a clip art model? Nope. Doesn’t have the stash for it.

Paris out of her cage

Scoop Podcast (6:03) Paris Hilton got out of jail just after midnight this morning. She lost 10 pounds in there, fighting back cravings for Taco Bell and Polish Sausage. Paris wants to open a halfway house to help other inmates transition to law-abiding lives. The night-vision cameras are already on order. Lohan plans to continue […]

Old man apocalypse

Jeri Anne got to meet an old man who thinks the world is ending (2:25). What did she have to dodge while talking to him? Questions about the war? Spittle? False teeth? You’ll have to listen to find out. “Global Warming is God saying ‘I’m coming bitches!’”

Stooks is leaving

My last day with the radio station is this Friday (13:10) I’m not going to go into too many details in this space, except to say I’ve had a great time here, but I need to start living like a grownup. Thanks for listening, and I hope you stay with the website after I leave […]

Stampede roundup

Stampede podcast (5:53) I went to Country Stampede Friday night, and somehow didn’t see nearly as much trash as in years past. The hottest girl there had a questionable job. Another patron took advantage of some artistic manscaping. I was even peer pressured into chugging a beer for the first time in years. I didn’t […]

Free for All Friday

Free for All Friday (16:15) We learned about racism, iPhone inequality, pregnant chicks in bikinis, middle finger etiquette, getting your nails did with your Welfare check, touching at school, and censorship of songs.

Who’s Paris whoring out to?

Scoop podcast (6:29) The New York Post says The Today Show is paying Paris Hilton $1 million for her first post-jail interview. Paris says that’s not true. She can make that kind of cash working the back lot of whatever show she prefers. Pauly Shore showed around his property, trying to disprove Wes Craven’s […]

Why your car got it

What did Jeri Anne do to deserve getting her car messed with? (15:47) Someone stole the dealer-provide front license faceplate, and her bumper got dorked with, too. When you buy a Taurus, I mean, Escort, you’re just begging for it, aren’t you? Innocent, affordable, family transportation? Or the twinkle in every pimp’s eye? We heard […]

The Price Is Wrong, bitch

Scoop podcast (7:46) Rosie might have too many demands to get The Price Is Right job. She lives in New York. The show tapes in L.A. One rumor has Rosie saying she’ll shoot a month’s worth of shows over a four day period every 30 days. It coincides with her monthly, four-day coleslaw binges. Brad […]

Hot, sweaty disaster stories

Wow, it’s going to be a pretty hot, sweaty, Country Stampede tomorrow through Sunday. What better time to share hot, sweaty disaster stories? (12:06) The woman who set the standard for Stampede attire.

MySpace Lady of the Street

MySpace Tom has been clamping down on porn profiles lately. But the MySpace Lady of the Street soldiers on (0:58) xoxoxo LOL check out my pics and vids and A*I*M and M*S*N 🙂 ========) – – –

Katie Holmes pregnant again?

Scoop podcast (9:14) Paris is reading “The Secret” in jail. I smell an Oprah “Girlfriend, what were you thinking?” exchange on the horizon. Nicole Richie’s taking her DUI case to trial July 11th. Does she stand a chance at beating the rap? Or is it a simple matter of the courthouse having toilets that just […]

Dumping your friends

Ever had a friend you wanted to dump? (13:58) You know, the kind of worthless friend who only calls to bitch and moan about themselves. I know I’m guilty of this sometimes, but at least I’m reasonable once in awhile. We also learned about the Downer Friend and friendship by boat. You should’ve seen the […]

Did Mangino sit on that toilet?

My toilet has a problem (2:58). I couldn’t get it to stop running last night. I had to shut off the water, but seeing how my building is pre-Mayflower, I’m wondering if the valve will burst and give me a fun present when I get home. In the meantime, no visitor BMs please.


Scoop – Paris’ hood fights back (4:37) Paris Hilton is reading self-help books in jail. On top of that, she’s planning on ditching her friends, and even made a cell-made Father’s Day Card for her dad. Work those crayons, girlfriend. Paris Hilton’s neighbors are a little sick of the attention and issued a neighborhood memo […]

Topless Double-Standard

Some woman in New York was arrested for going topless. Charges were dropped, thanks to a 1992 court ruling that “If man can, so can women.” Do we need to change the rules for the rest of the country? Topless Double Standard 1 (3:11) Topless Double Standard 2 (3:25) Topless Double Standard 3 (3:19) “I […]

Free for All Friday – Jeri Anne’s Birthday Edition

Jeri Anne awkward roommate exchange (2:43) You like Jeri Anne’s what? (1:17) The Spurs suck worse than death (1:37) High Lady birthday song for Jeri Anne (3:00) Jeri Anne’s family stuck in early 90’s (3:14) Enough with the birthday wishes! (3:25) Out of the Army, off to smoke pot (2:46) Maury tackles phobias (3:34)

Want to dig up some dirt on a dead relative?

Get Grandpa’s FBI File (4:06) Fake your death, get an FBI File (3:56) TV Sucks. What to do? (3:05) MySpace vs Facebook (5:43) K-Fed a dad again? (3:06)

The Gay Bomb

Gay Bomb (3:20) I’m a Gay Bomb (1:44) Birthday present idea (1:18) Nick Lachey vs. Paparazzi (3:00)

First Date Advice

Illegal Immigrants invade MySpace (3:22) Sopranos theories (3:12) Country Stampede for Noobs (1:41) Jeri Anne picks up at Silverados again (3:55) First date advice: You’re diseased (5:51) First date advice: Share nothing (1:13) First date advice: Black or White? (0:49) Paris diseased…not in the crotch (3:27) OJ: Media Critic (3:53)

Twisted dreams

Jeri Anne’s creepy dream (3:46) Stoner’s Twinkie the Kid Dream (2:20) Dream analysis (2:22) (2:10) The High Lady’s visions (5:44) Scoop: Paris can’t pee (4:19) Scoop: Paris press release (3:17) 17 year old wants relationship advice (2:49) Jeri Anne learns about ID’s (3:10)

Free for All Friday

Kansas roads (2:20) Paris is hot? (2:57) Why politicians blow (4:33) Mosquitoes (3:47) How to get Stooks’ job (2:53) Scoop: Paris & Don King? (4:53) Scoop: Paris lubing those bars? (3:33)

Why the loud ass car?

We decided to figure out why people feel the need to make their cars loud as hell. Why the loud ass car? 1 (2:43) Why the loud ass car? 2 (2:50) Why the loud ass car? 3 (3:41) Why the loud ass car? 4 (2:40) Why the loud ass car? 5 (2:18) Why the loud […]

Nerds are hot

Nerds are hot 1 (2:14) Nerds are hot 2 (3:34) Nerds are hot 3 (2:34) DeMone the Demon: 060607 (2:01) License photo (3:54) Wow, a caller (0:37) Bob Saget: Pot Correspondent (0:39) To the Popemobile! (2:49) Scoop: Johseca Mayen breakup 12 (4:45) Scoop: Paris new disease? (3:23)

Do you have TB?

Jeri Anne in the can (0:55) Do you have TB? 1 (3:13) Do you have TB? 2 (3:28) Do you have TB? 3 (2:36) Scoop: Britney’s ass (5:02) Scoop: Richard Simmons Paris prayer (4:27)

Hillary for President!

To get an idea how unnecessarily freaked out our audience would get, we talked about Hillary being the next President. Hillary 1 (1:49) Hillary 2 (8:56) Hillary 3 (6:58) Hillary 4 (3:55) Hillary 5 (9:03) Scoop: Abdul’s face walks on glass (6:44) Scoop: Nicole Richie’s African belly (4:51)

Free for All Friday

Jeri Anne gas attack (3:07) Bikini car wash (0:58) Beaches in Spain? (2:13) Spain Spanish (4:31) Suckiest Free for All Ever! (4:03) Jeri Anne’s belch (2:48) Scoop – MJ’s “Rubbing Alcohol” (3:39)


Testimonials – Wii/Mac (3:43) Testimonials – Lipton Diet Green Tea (2:47) Testimonials – Not the Olive Garden (2:44) Testimonials – KY Tingling (1:18) Scoop – K-Fed & Keanu Tag Team (4:54) Stooks going commando? (0:59) Wedding Weather (2:33)

Free for All Friday Thursday

We’re in “Least Terrible Of” mode tomorrow, so we thought we’d do Free for All today, instead. Eye Boog/Idol Finale (6:54) Idol/Lost (4:18) Travel costs (5:33) Gas prices (2:10) Gas is cheap! (0:57) WTF is rec? (2:04) Player hatin’ on Worlds of Fun (2:06) Fried Cheese On A Stick (1:54) Ogden Flooding (3:13)

Excusing Darth Vader?

A group of psychiatrists diagnosed Darth Vader with Borderline Personality Disorder. Does this excuse his actions? Darth 1 (1:42) Darth 2 (2:10) Darth 3 (1:52) Darth 4/Ketchup-Egg Mouth (3:30) Idol – Everyone wins! (4:43) Scoop – Sanjaya the Fraud (4:16)

Road Trips and Old People Dining

Two old people stories (5:04) Road Trips 1 – Quincy (3:55) Road Trips 2 – I know that KFC! (3:59) Road Trips 3 – Ball of twine (2:36) Road Trips 4 – Mountain Dew Amp (2:37) Joe Francis vs Candy Spelling (3:33) Paul Abdul breaks her nose (4:07) Season finales (3:52) More old people dining […]