Microwave of the Future

My microwave’s display flashes “FOOD IS READY” when the timer hits zero.

How does the microwave know the food is ready? It doesn’t know. It’s a liar.

If you place a chicken breast in the microwave, and set the timer for 30 seconds, does that mean the chicken is done when the microwave beeps three times and “FOOD IS READY”?

You and I understand “FOOD IS READY” means the microwave successfully microwaved your item for the requested number of seconds, not that the food is indeed “READY”.

But what happens when I upgrade to a computerized model in 2033, and kick the 2008 model to the curb? What if some poor fool stumbles upon it and makes it his own?

Will this young “Man of the Future” be sophisticated enough to know there was a time when microwaves didn’t cook all items to perfection? Simply type in the number of seconds you want it to take to cook your chicken breast, and boom, the microwave cooks the food in the desired time. Microwave assures “FOOD IS READY”.

Consumer digs in and suffers from salmonella.

October Advisory

October Advisory: Beware Fall Colors (41 seconds mp3)

Toilet Training

I’ve struggled with the toilet at work since I arrived four months ago.

It took me a few weeks to figure out the proper sequence and timing of flushes to evacuate the bowl. I would flush, wait a second, add an additional flush, and then a final flush a second later to finish it off. The flushes would overlap, in effect.

Well someone tweaked the flush, and now I find myself struggling to evacuate the bowl again.

The toilet flush is so intense initially, it obliterates the feces into a million bits, rather than gently coaxing the log through like you would expect from a proper toilet. After doing this, the flush weakens rapidly and simply scatters the feces around the bowl, necessitating the additional flushes.

Debate Watch Tips 2012

Tips for how to watch a debate. (27 seconds mp3)

Romney’s Got A Three-Punch Plan

Romney’s Got A Three Punch Plan (2:37 mp3)

Three-hole punch a woman

Man on the street: Bindergate (2:51 mp3)

Christopher Columbus Advisory

Christopher Columbus Advisory (34-second mp3)

Sesame Street Woes Aggravate Carbuncle

Sesame Street Woes Aggravate Carbuncle (91 second mp3)

Medium Bird speaks out

BigBirdGate 2012: An Interview with Medium Bird. 95 seconds.

How to watch the Chiefs

How to watch the Chiefs (23 seconds)

Three Vladimirs go to Mars, I think

Vladimir Putins’ trips to Mars (1:22 mp3)


IKEA is coming to Kansas City in 2014, and the metro couldn’t be happier.

IKEA is coming (49 sec mp3)

Bacon shortage business boom at Porky Expresso

After a five year break, I’m back on the radio. Afternoons 3-7 on K-Jo 105.5 in St. Joe.

Anyway, how about a show clip? Woo.

Rumors swirled about Bacon Shortage of 2013. It’s hoaxish, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have mass hysteria.

Stooks Reporter Steve Schnell caught up with Hanna Illbean from the Porky Expresso Coffee and Bacon Shop to discuss the rumor.

The Porky Expresso Coffee and Bacon Shop (2:18 mp3)

Caps askew

Have you seen the teen who runs around with his ball cap askew?

The bill is perfectly flat. It’s in the two o’clock position.

Why not point the bill straight ahead? It would give equal shade to both eyes.

If the sun were at two o’clock, it would make sense to point the cap that direction. I doubt this particular teen has that much sense.

A bear ass

If Charmin’s toilet paper is good enough for a bear’s asshole, it must be good enough for mine.

Bears have notoriously sensitive assholes. While camping, one should take care to hide any and all deluxe toilet paper and baby wipes. In the event of an attack, wipe the bear asshole with leaves.

Results are in!

Top 10 keywords for mattstooks.com

Spare change and cigarettes

Dear bum,

Stop asking me for spare change.

I don’t have spare change. I have change that I’ve yet to spend. If the monetary system collapses and my change ceases to have worth, I will have spare change.

I also don’t have an extra cigarette for you. I don’t have cigarettes for myself. And, if I did, what causes a cigarette to become “extra?”

“Yes, I was planning on smoking exactly six of these cigarettes, yet I have seven. This one is extra. Enjoy.”

Do you hope that a random person walking by just might happen to be quitting and looking to get rid of extra cigarettes?

You give bums a bad name.


Tip the drive-thru beggar

One type of homeless creates a drive-thru for begging. The homeless will choose a high-traffic intersection with rare pedestrian traffic.

A drive-thru begger has a tiny cardboard sign with illegible writing. If you give him money, he could buy a Sharpie, make a better sign, then get high off the Sharpie. Or maybe he should get high off the Sharpie before making the sign. It’s really up to the individual homeless to decide whether to influence his art with Sharpie sniffing.

What is the business model for drive-thru begging?

While we all enjoy the convenience of ignoring a freezing beggar from the comfort of our climate-controlled vehicles, I don’t think we’ve been rewarding this premium service by throwing change out the window.

Drive-thru beggars deserve higher pay. Next opportunity, throw some coins out your window at a beggar as you drive by. That’s change we all can believe in.

Sasquatch 4

Sasquatch 4 (58 second mp3)

Dog lovers

A jewelry store had this ridiculous sign outside their Plaza remodel job.

“He loves dogs as much as I do” seems to be the winning answer for “How do you know you are loved?” Just look at the giant text.

I find this answer twisted.

You know you are loved because he loves dogs as much as you do? That only makes sense if you are both loving dogs in a way that only two, lifelong poodle-screwers could.


Sasquatch 3

Van talked me into creating another Sasquatch Back to School.  Enjoy.

Sasquatch Back to School 3 (1:38 mp3)


Every time I see someone with a mangled face, I nod in appreciation of their courage to show that face in public.

If I had a disfigured face, I would never leave the house.

I would have everything delivered. I would wear a ski mask when I answered the door.

I’m not sure how I would make money. I bet I could get on disability with a face like that.

A mint!

I want to congratulate the world on having good breath today. What a pleasant surprise.

Barbara Billingsly

From Chris Casey:

Small water

Order water at a fast-food restaurant, get a miniature cup.

Are the small cups necessary to keep costs down for a free item? Do they deter soda theft?

The truth is these establishments are bullying you into buying a drink.

Six ounces can’t quench a lunchtime thirst. You’ll require frequent, humiliating refill trips, parading your cheap ass around the place with your Dixie cup exposed for all to see.

You press a little lever on the lemonade slot to get the water. How dainty do you look pressing it, shot glass in hand? How many germs are on that thing? Poopy index fingers all over it.

All the other beverages are activated by pressing a mostly germ-free cup into the soda fountain. Magic does the filling.

Why don’t you just make me lick the floor to earn my tiny water?

Failed stimulus

When I hear “failed stimulus,” I think of someone not appreciating a finger in the butt.


Prince Adam turns into He-Man by yelling “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!”

How does He-Man turn back into Prince Adam? Does he have another phrase? Does He-Man wear off after awhile, and you become Prince Adam again?

My guess is he reverts to Prince Adam immediately after coitus with Teela.

Take me, Battlecat

Complimentary black light

If I were an enterprising hotel proprietor, I would have a sign: “Complimentary black light and toothbrush available upon request.”

The black light assures guests a clean room, while also encouraging them to avoid spilling fluids all over the walls. This isn’t a whorehouse.

This will never happen, as we simply love rolling around in each others dried up goo.

I’m on TV

Even a plain man with a mustache can get on TV as long as he has “Fox” on his cheek.

What drives a grown man to sellout so hard just to have his face known for a brief second?

Death by text

I wonder what my killer will be texting when they run my ass over.

It better be at least OMGWTF worthy.