Prepping for a flood

Dad called me at 10:20 Thursday morning. Five minutes earlier, he found out it might be a good idea to prepare the house at Big Lake for a flood. A storm was coming, and the Missouri River might decide to make itself at home.

We arrived at the house at 1:00.

The living room got a makeover.

The Living Room

We loaded up a bunch of crap that wouldn’t be fun to deal with post-flood. Lake-sludge-saturated carpet wouldn’t be fun to hug.

A load of crap

Dad rescued the old Brady Bunch countertop.

Save the Brady Bunch countertop

Dad raised a Bud Light to his beautiful yard. He hoped it would look the same next time. The neighbor’s grass was still suffering from last year’s flood (May ’07).

Dad and his grass

As we left, we waived goodbye to the best wheat crop we can remember at the lake.

Wheat waving at Big Lake

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  1. Chris wrote:

    I enjoyed this post but worry about the River.

    Posted 06 Jun 2008 at 08:24

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