Toilet Training

I’ve struggled with the toilet at work since I arrived four months ago.

It took me a few weeks to figure out the proper sequence and timing of flushes to evacuate the bowl. I would flush, wait a second, add an additional flush, and then a final flush a second later to finish it off. The flushes would overlap, in effect.

Well someone tweaked the flush, and now I find myself struggling to evacuate the bowl again.

The toilet flush is so intense initially, it obliterates the feces into a million bits, rather than gently coaxing the log through like you would expect from a proper toilet. After doing this, the flush weakens rapidly and simply scatters the feces around the bowl, necessitating the additional flushes.

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  1. DB wrote:

    Plumbers just don’t understand the finesse required to safely and efficiently slide a deuce down a toilet bowl. They just think that power is better, but power ruins everything, as you so eloquently described.

    Posted 27 Oct 2012 at 09:53
  2. GPD wrote:

    Remember that toilet at Kopek’s grandma’s house? That would obliterate anything…except one very difficult to handle feminine hygiene product….

    Posted 20 Nov 2012 at 18:43

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