Over promise, under deliver

I’m very disappointed in USA Today for a misleading tease in today’s paper. They were plugging an online poll related to the “Michael Vick indicted for dog fights/murders” story.

The story talks about killing under-performing dogs through hanging and electrocution. “Vote for what you think should happen to Vick” has so many creative possibilities as it relates to this story.

Here’s the poll:

We can’t even get a “put an electric shock caller on him” option?

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  1. kevin wrote:

    that’s what you get for reading usa today . . .

    Posted 18 Jul 2007 at 20:11
  2. Matt wrote:

    I don’t subscribe, but if there’s one lying around, I’ll take a gander. Not all of us can get by with Fox News alone, Kevin.

    Posted 18 Jul 2007 at 20:59

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