Say it ain’t so, Dolph

I’m watching one of the multi-weekly airings of Rocky IV on TV.

I remembered hearing that Dolph Lundgren, aka “The Russian,” was some kind of genius. I went to his Wikipedia page for a refresher.  He has a master’s degree in chemical engineering. I was a little thrown off when I learned he was Swedish.  All this time, I figured he was Russian.  His Wikipedia entry says he speaks a bunch of languages. Notice anything odd in the excerpt below?

He speaks five languages: Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, some Japanese, and some Italian.

You read correctly.  The guy who played the Russian in Rocky IV speaks at least some of seven different languages, none of them Russian.

Is “ya she blah” even Russian?  Or is just some kind of Dolph gibberish?  What if I had gone to Russia and said “ya she blah” to a native?  They’d probably laugh in my face.

I downloaded the Russian national anthem because of this movie?  And why does the audience start clapping and cheering before Rocky’s “If I can change, you can change, everyone can change” speech is fully translated?  I feel so betrayed by this movie right now.  I don’t want to talk about it.


Smarter than Brigitte Nielson, equally as Russian

Side note: The cable company ran an EAS Test right in the middle of Rocky IV. WTF?  You do not disrespect Rocky like that!  Unless it’s Rocky V.

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